Rabbit Bedding

Rabbit Bedding – best rabbit bedding reviews of 2018. Top brands, selection tips, cleaning advice and more.

Rabbit Bedding

Rabbits can make remarkable pets; however, before bringing your new rabbit home, there are a few things you will need to do to create a cozy home for its unique needs. It is important for you to set up a safe and comfortable home for your rabbit, with lots of room for it to play, stretch out and hunker down every night.

Top 7 Rabbit Bedding Products

1. Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding

Carefresh Complete Pet Rabbit Bedding

This natural bedding is made out of reclaimed pulp and is safe and healthy for small animals. Free of dyes, inks, clay and chemicals, this short-fiber bedding is processed to eliminate potentially dangerous aromatic hydrocarbons that is in cedar and pine oils. Unlike other bedding materials, Carefresh assists in controling pet odors.

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2. Kaytee Clean and Cozy Bedding

Kaytee Clean and Cozy Rabbit Bedding

This Kaytee Clean and Cozy bedding provides a whole new level of absorbent and super-soft bedding. It is incredibly fluffy and soft, which makes it remarkable on pets’ feet and encourages nesting or burrowing. It comes in a big compact block with a good amount for an affordable cost. It absorbs two times more liquid when compared to wood shavings. This level of absorbency means fewer odors and it is 99 percent dust free, which makes for a cleaner habitat.

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3. Absorbtion Corp Carefresh Shavings

Absorbtion Corp Carefresh Rabbit Shavings

This earth-friendly, absorbent and cozy pet bedding has superior odor control. It is non-toxic, has low dust and safe for pets and other members of the household. To reduce aromatic hydrocarbons, the softwoods are kiln-dried. It absorbs 2.5 times its weight in liquids, keeping pets comfortable and dry; it also does not cake to the cage. The soft bedding encourages natural behaviors like nesting and burrowing, which makes pets happier and healthier, while providing a warm place to sleep.

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4. Healthy Pet HPCC Bedding

Healthy Pet HPCC Rabbit Bedding

This environmentally-friendly bedding is designed to suppress ammonia odor found in pet urine. It has the capacity to absorb as much as 3 times its weight in fluids; this will keep your pet cozy, warm and dry. Additionally, it is practically dust free and will not significantly contribute to allergy or respiratory issues. You can click the link below for further information .

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5. Kaytee Natural Pine Bedding and Litter

Kaytee Natural Pine Rabbit Bedding and Litter

This bedding is made out of all natural pine shavings, processed specifically to eliminate wood debris and dust typically found in other beddings.

Check it out: http://www.rabbitbedding.rabbitbreeders.us/KayteeNaturalPineBeddingLitter

6. Peter’s Woven Grass Pet Bed and Toys

Peter's Woven Grass Pet Bed and Toys

This pet bedding is the best in natural grass cage accessories. It is designed to protect the sensitive paws of your pet against wire cage flooring and it is safe for chewing. It can be used as a natural bowl to contain hay.

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7. Carefresh Pet Bedding

Carefresh Pet Rabbit Bedding

In keeping with their commitment to the environment, small mammals and their human parents, Carefresh has created Care Fresh Custom to satisfy the unique needs of your rabbit. The product maintains a burrow to keep your pet safe, warm and secure.

Check it out: http://www.rabbitbedding.rabbitbreeders.us/CarefreshPetBedding

Bedding Information

Rabbit Bedding Selection Tips

There are many factors that will affect the bedding you use for your rabbit. Thankfully, just about any non-toxic material can serve as bedding.

Straw or hay is best for outdoor rabbits as each can be easily disposed of and replaced each time the hutch is cleaned.

Bedding used outdoors is exposed to the elements and will require more frequent cleaning and changing than indoor rabbit bedding. During the cooler months, it is extremely important to have bedding for outdoor rabbits. Additionally, rabbits overheat easily and as such, less bedding should be used during the summer months.

Both indoor and outdoor rabbits can use bedding made from sheepskin rug, blankets, towels, hay or straw. However, hay and straw can become messy and require daily cleanup. When using cloth bedding, the fabric will require regular washings to eliminate any dirt and hair.

Besides straw or hay, if your rabbit is seen eating its bedding, the material should be taken out of its environment. Ingested fabric could cause obstructions and result in a serious health condition. Rabbits chew on nearly everything so don’t be alarmed to see “nibbles” on cloth bedding; however, if the rabbit seems to be actually eating the fabric, the material should be removed.

All in all, after getting your rabbit, it will be easy to recognize what works best for your situation or what your pet prefers. Bear in mind the importance of keeping it simple and free of toxins.

Types of Rabbit Bedding

• Newspaper

This forms a good lining for the floor of the cage or hutch. However, some rabbits will rip it up and the ink could be harmful if too much of it is ingested.

• Paper Pulp Bedding

This environmentally-friendly bedding is fairly new and made out of recycled paper. It is tremendously absorbent, with a capacity to hold more than 3 times its weight in liquid. Therefore, it is cost effective as much is not required. It is also virtually dust free and control odor quite well.

• Wood Pellets

This bedding provides good absorbency but when wet, it typically expands and breaks down into dust. It is not ideal for bigger litter trays as it is quite heavy.

• Shredded Cardboard

This is an environmentally-friendly bedding option that provides some amount of absorbency and very good insulation. It is a good alternative for newspaper.

• Paper Pellets

Paper pellets are made out of recycled paper and provides a safe, absorbent and environmentally-friendly bedding option. Unlike wood pellets, they do not significantly expand when wet and weigh considerably less.

• Hay

Hay makes for good bedding material and helps with keeping the hutch cozy and warm. When choosing hay, ensure it is sweet smelling, free of mold and not too dusty.

• Straw

This does not have much absorbency but is good for insulating hutches. It also provides a good sitting surface for rabbits.

Rabbit Bedding Brands

The top brands of bedding for your rabbit include Carefresh, Kaytee, Vitakraft, Healthy Pet and Peters.

DIY Rabbit Bedding Ideas & Materials

To save you money, you can opt to make your own rabbit bedding. Great DIY bedding ideas could include newspaper, shredded cardboard, wood pellets and paper pellets. You could also make a playpen, fort or cage for your rabbit out of PVC pipe.

Additional Tips for Keeping Your Bunny Rabbit’s Cage Clean

Cleaning cages is not exactly a fun activity; however, sticking to a schedule will simply make it a part of your routine.

Weekly Cleaning Tips

• Take out and accessories from the cage and wash them.
• Remove fabric bedding from the cage and wash it or dispose and replace with clean bedding.
• Use hot water to wipe down the cage and vinegar to eliminate urine deposits.
• Use hot water to wash the water bottle, feeding dishes, litter box and hay rack.